Senior Updates

Senior Section:

Please this Senior Year FAQ that Mr. Flowers and Mrs. Sarabia created to try to answer the most commonly asked questions about senior year for our Class of 2024 seniors.


September is College Application Month in Tennessee. Throughout the month, there will be multiple free applications for in-state schools.  Seniors will apply to those schools through Mr. Flowers’ classes.

Class Rank

Computations for the Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be figured at the conclusion of Fall Semester of Senior year. Both honors are based on numerical computation. To be eligible a student must attend CCA for the entire Junior and Senior years.  

Class rank beyond Valedictorian and Salutatorian are not reported on transcripts; we have found that we have so many high achieving students their class rank is not an accurate representation of their academic performance. The top ten percent of the class will be determined in the Spring for the Superintendent's Honors Banquet. 

Student Volunteer Hours

Seniors are expected to complete twenty (20) volunteer hours throughout their senior year.  They have been given a log sheet to track their hours from Mr. Flowers, and additional sheets are available with him if your child has lost track of their sheet.  On the sheet, there will be a place for whoever your child is volunteering with to sign off on the sheet to verify the hours spent volunteering.

Many of your seniors already spend time volunteering in some capacity or another.  The general rule of thumb is that as long as they are not receiving payment for their volunteering, are not required by school to participate, or doing normal chores around your home, most likely they could count those hours as volunteering.  We really want to have the seniors out working to better their community before they head off to college or whatever they have planned after CCA.  If there are specific questions about if a particular volunteer opportunity would count for these hours, please reach out to Mr. Flowers.

Additionally, those students who plan to utilize the Tennessee Promise Scholarship are required to do volunteer work in order to satisfy the requirements to receive that scholarship.  Seniors can use the volunteer hours for TN Promise and also count those for their CCA volunteer hours.  

All seniors who complete their 20 hours by the end of their senior year will receive a volunteering cord to wear with their cap and gown at graduation.

Senior Portrait Information (Information will be updated on here for 2023-2024): This is 2022 - 2023 information.

Q:  Are seniors required to purchase photos from Prestige Portraits

A:  No, there is no requirement for seniors/parents to purchase photos from Prestige Portraits.  However, the only photos that will be in the yearbook are those taken by Prestige.  CCA holds a contract with Prestige Portraits.  CCA suggests parents make an appointment with Prestige (as early as June following their Junior year but no later than November of their Senior year) and pay a small sitting fee for yearbook picture poses.  No further obligation to purchase picture packages is required. 

Seniors pictures are taken at Prestige Portraits by scheduling an appointment at 892.1332. They provide what is needed for the formal and casual pictures for CCA. Make sure you take several formal pictures with a sky blue background. Each senior can have one formal with this background and one casual picture in the yearbook; however, both must be a vertical layout. You do not have to purchase anything except the sitting fee for the yearbook pictures.   Please schedule appointments by or before November 16th to allow processing time.  

Q:  Are there any requirements for the format of the two photos chosen for the yearbook? 

A:  Yes, CCA requires the formal yearbook choice be made with a sky blue background. Both formal and casual yearbook choices must be in a vertical format.  Yearbook poses/photos must be chosen with the Yearbook Sponsor (Meri Sowders), by December 1st. Ms. Sowders has online access to the portraits, so no hard copy is needed. Please have proof numbers for both choices ready when meeting with sponsor. 


Q:  What is the cost for the required photos from Prestige Portraits

A:  Parents are advised to contact Prestige Portraits directly to obtain detailed information on the costs for sitting fees, how many poses/portraits are included, possible portrait packages, etc.  Contact info: phone 423.892.1332 or toll-free 1.800.566.0783.   

Q: Are seniors required to have a photo made on “Picture Day”?   

A:  Seniors should have a photo made on “Picture Day” if they do not intend to take formal Senior pictures at Prestige.  If a student does not submit their Prestige “formal” and “casual” choices by Dec.1st to the Yearbook Sponsor, the photo taken on “Picture Day” will be used as the senior portrait in the yearbook.


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