Senior Updates

Graduation Cap
Click here for the Cap Decorating Guidelines and Design Sheet.
Due by Friday, May 6 in the afternoon to the main office basket. If you are out for some reason, please email it to Dean Scott at [email protected]
Senior May Events for 2022: 

  • Monday, May 2: College Commitment Day
  • Thursday, May 5: Senior Finale / Senior Showcase (P.M.)
  •  Monday, May 9: Finish Up and Review
  •  Tuesday, May 10: Finish Up and Review - Last Day for Seniors
  •  Wednesday, May 11: *Exams (seniors only) - A Day exams
  •  Thursday, May 12: *Exams (seniors only) - B Day exams
  •  Friday, May 13: Junior/Senior Prom at the aquarium
  •  Monday, May 16: Senior Awards Banquet
  •  Tuesday, May 17: Graduation (7:30 p.m.)

*Seniors will be exempt from exams if they meet the following criteria:

  • Average of “C+” or higher for the year in the class

  • Less than 8 unexcused absences

  • Less than 8 unexcused tardies

  • Good overall conduct and effort

 Senior Portrait Information:

Q:  Are seniors required to purchase photos from Prestige Portraits?

A:  No, there is no requirement for seniors/parents to purchase photos from Prestige Portraits.  However, the only photos that will be in the yearbook are those taken by Prestige.  CCA holds a contract with Prestige Portraits.  CCA suggests parents make an appointment with Prestige (as early as June following their Junior year but no later than November of their Senior year) and pay a small sitting fee for yearbook picture poses. No further obligation to purchase picture packages is required.

Seniors pictures are taken at Prestige Portraits by scheduling an appointment at 892.1332. They provide what is needed for the formal and casual pictures for CCA. Make sure you take several formal pictures with a sky blue background. Each senior can have one formal with this background and one casual picture in the yearbook; however, both must be a vertical layout. You do not have to purchase anything except the sitting fee for the yearbook pictures.  

Q:  Are there any requirements for the format of the two photos chosen for the yearbook?

A:  Yes, CCA requires the formal yearbook choice be made with a sky blue background. Both formal and casual yearbook choices must be in a vertical format.  Yearbook poses/photos must be chosen with the Yearbook Sponsor (Meri Sowders), by December 1st. Ms. Sowders has online access to the portraits, so no hard copy is needed. Please have proof numbers for both choices ready when meeting with sponsor.

Q:  What is the cost for the required photos from Prestige Portraits?

A:  Parents are advised to contact Prestige Portraits directly to obtain detailed information on the costs for sitting fees, how many poses/portraits are included, possible portrait packages, etc.  Contact info: phone 423.892.1332 or toll-free 1.800.566.0783.  

Q: Are seniors required to have a photo made on “Picture Day”?  

A:  Seniors should have a photo made on “Picture Day” (Wednesday, Sept. 27th) if they do not intend to take formal Senior pictures at Prestige.  If a student does not submit their Prestige “formal” and “casual” choices by Dec. 1 to the Yearbook Sponsor, the photo taken on “Picture Day” will be used as the senior portrait in the yearbook.

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