9/20/20 Message from the Principal

9/20/20 Message from the Principal
Posted on 09/20/2020
9/20/20 Message from the Principal

Good Evening CCA Families,    September 20, 2020
This week we have the following.
All seniors will take the ACT test on Tuesday, September 22 beginning at 8AM. At home leaners should enter the back door located by the recycle bin and the gym hall.  All personal items should be stored in your lockers during this test if you are an in person learner. At home learners should leave all personal items at home. NO phones, watches, or any electronic device that make a sound are allowed in the testing location.  Any item that you bring will be collected at the door and placed in a Ziploc bag for you until the test is completed.  Please wear a mask while waiting to check in.  A new mask will be issued to you per the ACT guidelines.  The ACT is a graduation requirement. Seniors will leave after the ACT and their day is over.  No other classes are required for seniors on 9/22. The test should end at approx. 1:30. Do not schedule any appointments on this day.

Please turn in the signed page 5 from the Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline booklet.  We are missing many and need to have yours if you have not already turned it in.  A screenshot, scanned page, picture, or the hard copy is acceptable.

Please do not forget to join PAPA.  Membership is just $5 per family member. This organization is our school’s PTA.  They support so many initiatives that are part of our school’s success story.  Thanks for joining today!

All 6-11 grade students, (In person or at home learners) will have assignments on Canvas on Tuesday, 9/22.  There will not be any ZOOM meetings on Tuesday for most classes. GRADES 6-8 IN PERSON LEARNERS WILL ATTEND SCHOOL AS USUAL.  Grades 6-8 will have their arts classes on Tuesday.  Please check CANVAS to see whether you will have a ZOOM class.  All teachers will be available to answer questions during your class period if needed. Directed Studies will not meet on Tuesday, 9/22. ALL STUDENTS IN GRADES 9-11

I am hopeful that our classes are closer to finding a balance between screen time and instructional time during classes.  All staff members are working hard to introduce new material and to keep everyone engaged in their learning.  Thank you for your support to keep our students on track and focused.

Our counselors, Mrs. Bacher (HS) and Ms. Taber (MS) and Officer Cantrelle are meeting with classes to share information regarding a number of topics that support student’s well-being.  We are fortunate to have these staff members on hand to ensure a positive experience for all.

Thanks for your support,
Mrs. Smith


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