5/10/20 Message from the Principal

5/10/20 Message from the Principal
Posted on 05/10/2020
5/10/20 Message from the Principal

Good Evening CCA Families,                                                                       May 10, 2020
This week begins our locker clean out Schedule.  When you pull into the school parking lot, please loop all the way around to the top level.  You will use the loop up by the gym as usual and the tables for item pick up will be in front of the steps alphabetical.  Stop in front of the table that has your last name’s initial.  Some bags are very heavy.  I would make sure that you have room in your trunk and you may have to get out and place the bag in your car.  We were hopeful that students did not have as much as they do in their lockers, yet we have learned much different. Monday-6th-9-11 & 7th- 1-3,  Tuesday-8th-9-11 & 9th-1-3, and Wednesday- 10th-9-11 & 11th-1-3.

All awards will be with their locker items. Speaking of awards. Each grade level has an award’s presentation that can be found in the grade level’s English teacher’s google classroom. They were all posted yesterday afternoon.
Please enjoy the presentations and CONGRATULATIONS to all the recipients.

Grades WILL NOT BE FINALIZED in Power School until May19, 2020 at 4PM. Report Cards will be mailed to all families on Friday, May 22.
The weighted grades for Quarter Four have been established at 35% for all work completed, 20 % for most work completed and 0% if no work has been completed. All grades may still be improved by continuing to turn in assignment throughout this week. Keeping in mind that no student’s grade is less than the grade that they received for Quarter Three.  I hope this helps once you receive your student’s report card.

If you do not receive their report card in the mail, it may be that the student has something that belongs to the school. Items such as a library book, textbook, instrument, etc.
These items will be turned in this week at locker  clean out. ANY STUDENT NOT RETURNING TO CCA MUST TURN IN THEIR CHROME BOOK AT LOCKER CHECK OUT. The items must be turned in before a final report card will be released.

All students will be keeping their chrome books over the summer except for those not returning to CCA.  You must return your chrome books at locker clean out/pick up this week.

Mrs.Bacher, has posted a very important message regarding ACT for all juniors.  Please visit her website and check your e-mail to review when the ACT will be available for all juniors to take using vouchers.

All seniors will receive a separate call out that will include the details about tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing our students as they check out curbside beginning tomorrow.
Thanks for your support!
Mrs. Smith

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