3/22/20 Message from the Principal

3/22/20 Message from the Principal
Posted on 03/22/2020
3/22/20 Message from the Principal

Good Evening CCA Families,    March 22, 2020

I hope this evening’s message finds everyone healthy and safe.  This week has definitely presented new learning curves for everyone.  We have learned from our first encounter with everyone using technology as new norm for teaching school.
As we continue on this new road to teaching and learning let me just say that our staff has been amazing and so willing to do whatever is necessary to relieve the stress and anxiety that some of you and our students might be experiencing.  We spent the latter part of last week restructuring our virtual instruction plan.

This week we will kick off the week with assignments being posted on specific days in an effort to spread out the work load and to allow our families to take one day at a time.  Please call your attention to the following plan of action.

Monday-Posted Assignments will be for Arts classes, Foreign Language, and PE.
1 weekly assignment, 1 weekly grade, and no more than 60 minutes of practice per arts class per week.

Tuesday/Thursday- Posted Assignments for English and Math.
2 weekly assignments, 2 weekly grades, no more than 30 minutes for Middle School and 45 for High School per assignment.

Wednesday/Friday- Post Assignments for Science and Social Studies.
2 weekly assignments, 2 weekly grades, no more than 30 minutes per assignment for MS and no more than 45 for HS.

For all subjects: the assignment will be due one week following the posting.  Teachers will work with anyone who has a need or questions.  In addition, teachers will provide instruction in various ways.  Students should check Google classroom or Canvas to see what to expect from their teachers.  This plan is a start to spreading out the learning.  We will review it to make sure we are assisting and supporting the continuous learning from a distance.

 Please know we are not always aware of the many issues that you may be facing in your household.  We are all here to help and our intent is to make sure we hear your voices.  We realize that school life is different right now. Your home life is also unusual, yet we will work through these trying times together.

If you need help with providing meals for your students, Internet service, and a variety of other items, please visit the hcde.org website or call the hotline number at 423-498-5437, 8AM- 5PM or send any one of us a message.  Mrs. Bacher and Mrs. Donen are available to talk to students or you if needed. All e-mail addresses are posted on the website and on the Face Book page.

The school building is officially closed to the public.  If you need assistance with something left in the building, please leave a message or send an e-mail and we will make arrangements to get whatever it is to you.

Thanks for your support!  We are CCA!
Mrs. Smith

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