PAPA: Performers, Artists, Parents, and Advocates
It's springtime at CCA, and there are lots of ways to get involved and help out!  

Auditorium Seat Plaques
Be a part of history by purchasing a seat in the auditorium with your name or the name of someone you love on it!  This is a perfect gift to honor a graduating senior, favorite student, or special teacher.  For more information and for an order form, click here.  To purchase your items online, click here (listed under "Auditorium Plaque Fundraiser").  Purchasing a plaque does not ensure a reserved seat for performances.  Auditorium seating is always general admission.

Passion for Excellence Scholarship
PAPA is currently accepting applications for the Passion for Excellence Scholarship.  PFE is a need-based scholarship for students and teachers to pursue the arts & academics beyond the general CCA curriculum.  Applications can be found here (page 1, page 2, page 3) and are due on or before Wednesday, April 24.

Friday Donut Days
PAPA will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts every Friday morning on the porch and in the car line through April 26.  Donuts are $1 each or $9 a dozen.  Please let us know if you would like to place a large order, and we'd be happy to help out!

Welcome to CCA! We know that you are excited about the opportunities CCA offers your family.  One of the great things about CCA is that there are MANY ways to get involved! The best place to start is by joining PAPA, which stands for Performers, Artists, Parents and Advocates. This is an organization where parents, students, and faculty work together for the good of the student and the school. The fee is only $5, and every penny raised goes to help the students right here at CCA!


Mission Statement

PAPA provides funding and manpower needed to help CCA provide a quality education to each student in the areas of both academics and the arts.

Although parent volunteer service is a requirement for a student to attend CCA, PAPA works with the administration to help coordinate and enhance the efforts of parent volunteers in all aspects of the school.


In order to accomplish our mission statement, we will:

  • Promote and reward academic achievement.
  • Assist CCA in providing opportunities for parents to meet required commitments of time and effort.
  • Ensure that CCA property is well maintained, both aesthetically and functionally, within the scope of our responsibilities.
  • Maintain such fiduciary accountability that members are confident that their board is acting in their best interest and collected funds are properly allocated.

This group is the equivalent of the PTA in other schools. PAPA is unique because it is a free-standing registered charitable corporation that exists solely to serve the Center for Creative Arts.

PAPA Organization

PAPA needs YOU! We need your time, your talent, your ideas, and your resources. As you already know, 18 volunteer hours are required for your student to retain their place at CCA. Joining PAPA and becoming involved is the best way to get your hours in and help your students at the same time!

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