9/13/20 Message from the Principal

9/13/20 Message from the Principal
Posted on 09/13/2020
9/13/20 Message from the Principal

Good Evening CCA Families,     September 13, 2020
This week we have the following,
Registration for the PSAT continues through Tuesday, 9/15.  All juniors who take the test are counted in the group of students from across the US to compete for the National Merit Scholars program.  Many 10th grade students take the test to get a glimpse at what it is like.  Only juniors are eligible for the merit scholars’ program. All interested will register in guidance.  The cost of the test is $17.  All students must come to school to take the test.  It is a paper pencil test.  The date for the test is October 29, 2020.

The ACT will be given on Tuesday, 9/22 to all seniors.  It is free and sponsored by the state.  All students must take the ACT as a graduation requirement.  The test will be given at school.  Online learners may enter the doors around back at the gym and the recycle bin.  Follow the driveway up the hill and once you turn it will be the first door on the left.  We will have it marked.  All must be at school at 8 AM for this very important and required test with masks. All phones, watches, and any other electronic will be collected at the door and placed in a separate Ziploc.  You will need to get a ride or drive on that day since the buses do not run to CCA that early. The test last approximately 4 hours.  Once all have completed the test students will be dismissed to go home.

All high school students in grades 9,10, and 11 will be at home learners that 9/22.  No high school students other than seniors should report to in person school on September 22.  All 9,10, and 11th grade must log in to their classes for the day.

As we continue to find a balance between screen time and class time for all learner’s teachers are working to achieve that balance.  Please keep in mind all material being taught this year is NEW material.  The current online learning is totally different from what everyone experienced last March-May.  We appreciate your support as we continue to tailor our teaching to meet all needs.

I mentioned last week that whenever an in person learner is going to need to be an online learner please notify our registrar, champion_vena@hcde.org.  This has helped us keep our attendance straight.  Thank you to all who are complied with this request.  Students should not just e-mail their teachers and say they are going to be an online learner.  This is not allowed if the student is an in-person learner.

Finally, we hope to begin opening up some of our rehearsals and art programs.  Please stay tune for messages from your student’s arts teacher.

All NJHS and NHS application are due in guidance by Thursday, 9/17.  All must have 3 recommendations as one of the requirements to be inducted into these national organizations.
Thanks for your support!
Mrs. Smith


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