8/24/20 Message from the Principal

8/26/20 Wednesday A/B Day & Schedule Info
Posted on 08/24/2020
8/26/20 Wednesday A/B Day & Schedule Info

Good Evening CCA Families,                                                         August 24, 2020

Thanks for another great week!  The students are adjusting to the new normal and I feel certain are glad to see their friends.  Once again, we are still using Phase 2 for this week.

Cohort A will attend Monday and Tuesday, all will be virtual learners on Wednesday, and cohort B will attend on Thursday and Friday.  ALL STUDENTS MUST LOG IN BY 9AM TO BE COUNTED PRESENT FOR THE DAY.

Today, August 24 the district will announce what Phase we will be in beginning, Monday, August 31.

Just a few reminders, it is important that your student have their own earbuds that work with their chrome book and that they bring their charged computer to school every day.  Their computer is an essential tool needed for their classes.

We spent a lot of time going over fire drills, dress code, cell phone usage, Bark alerts, washing hands frequently, social distancing, and staying home if you are ill. Grade level meetings were held daily to answer questions and review these very important guidelines. Today we went over the schedule for office hours on Wednesday during Phase 2.

This week we will implement a new daily schedule for Wednesday.  It will become our catch up day, as well as a relief from a full day of screen time.  Wednesdays are A/B days, which means there are 8 classes.  All teachers will host office hours.  They will occur throughout the day for anyone who needs to ask questions or needs further explanation of the course content.

All classes will have one question on Canvas that will relate to the content being covered in class.  Students must answer the one question for their class.  This activity will count for their attendance for that day. We ask that you complete your 1A question first and by 10AM. Eight questions should be answered between the hours of 9-1.  In some cases, their arts classes may have something that students need to participate in or watch in order to answer the question.  All of the questions will be on Canvas just like any other assignment.  The questions will not be posted to Canvas until Wednesday morning.  Wednesday, during Phase 2 should be a day to catch up on assignments and to ask questions.  I will attach a schedule for the office hours for each subject. Should you still have questions beyond the hour, please e-mail teachers individually. I hope this helps with students being able to finish up work and not feel rushed through all eight of their classes. Again all teachers will be available in person during their office hour and then by computer for individual assistance. Your ZOOM invitation to the office hours if needed may be found in Canvas on Wednesday morning.

9-10- Arts classes- Winds, Strings, Vocal, Piano, Communication/Creative Writing, Visual Arts

10-11- Math

10-11- Computer Questions surrounding Canvas, Zoom, and Chrome Books- e-mail Johnston_darlene@hcde.org during this hour

11-12- English

12 -1 – Lunch Break

1-2- Science

1-2- Wellness/PE

2-3- Social Studies

2-3- Foreign Language

3-4- Arts classes- Dance, Acting, Tech Theatre, Musical Theatre

Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Smith

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