CCA Handbook

Please review the dress code below, updated for the 2020/21 academic year the following applies to in person and online learners.

DRESS CODE – Modest dress is required. 

On special events such as assemblies, visiting guests, performances, etcetera, appropriately designated attire may be required.  Students must dress in a manner that does not constitute a disruption in the school, a safety hazard, or exhibit impropriety.  At the Center for Creative Arts the dress code is as follows:

  1. Cutoffs, beachwear, running shorts, spandex shorts, or mini-skirts are “out of dress code”.  Shorts and skirts worn with or without leggings should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee – front and back.  Leggings or jeggings (no holes above the knee) worn as pants will have a top that falls to mid-thigh front and back.
  2. Shirts must cover cleavage, midriffs/stomachs, backs and shoulders.  No “off the shoulder” tops.
  3. NO head covering of any kind.
  4. Unusual dress of a disruptive nature is unacceptable, such as pajamas or clothing with mesh or sheer material without proper undergarments.  i e - complete coverage.
  5. Jeans may have NO holes above the knee. 
  6. Articles of clothing bearing a symbol, design or emblem that has racial overtones, having indecent or obscene words, slogans or weapon images, representing affiliation with unlawful organizations, advertising the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol, or with sarcasm is not to be worn at any time.
  7. Shoes must be worn at all times – no house shoes or bedroom slippers.
  8. No blankets may be used as a coat.
  9. No personal grooming in public – hair, makeup, etc.
  11. NO BANDANAS worn as masks.
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