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Math 6
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Math 6


WELCOME BACK! Use this page if you've been absent - it will show the independent work that needed to be finished as homework. Blank pages leading up to it are what we would have discussed and solved in groups. Be sure to read and solve those, too. The warm up review is also posted - solve in the book or in your notes section of your math binder. Let's have a strong 3rd quarter! We have made much progress thus far. ~~~~~~Carol W. Lockrow

DUE 1/12/18: PPS 231, 232

                     LOOK over PPS 237, 238, and make corrections if needed

                     Our WARM UP REVIEW was PPS 1-6, 363 and 1-6, 366 


Need extra help in MATH? FREE TUTORING AT CCA ~

Mon 4-5 PM and Wed 8:15-8:50 AM for 6th graders in Lockrow's room

Need help on other afternoons? You can also get help in the rooms of Mohyuddin or Pate on Tuesdays, Zerr or Stalans on Wednesdays, or Field on Thursdays. 


 Welcome 6th graders and parents ~

Visit this page often - I update with projects, news, academic information, etc.


Hello! A little background on my math involvement and why I'm excited to be in CCA Math6 ~

My Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Grades 1-8, is from Florida State, 1977. I also have an Early Childhood Certification from Florida Atlantic University. I worked towards a graduate degree in Elementary Math in 1978 and 1979 at FSU, coming very close to completion. Then our life took an exciting turn with 3 children in 3 years, and I spent time at home with my little ones! Although that ran out the clock on my Masters in Math, I never forgot the hands-on-connected math I was taught and the importance of specific diagnosis and remediation. Another passion of mine is Art - I spent several summers with Discipline-Based-Art-Education at UTC. I have had many teaching experiences and hope to create a diverse learning adventure. I am especially loving this creative and caring haven of CCA. Read on to see what is happening in MATH6.

 Math is everywhere, and my main goal in this job is to help students use math correctly, efficiently, and see it as an advantage in everything they do. We will connect it in extended projects, and I hope that math will become a natural part of thinking for each of my 6th graders.

 TUTORING is available in my room MONDAYS, 4:10-5 PM and WEDNESDAYS, 8:15-8:50 AM

The Standards-Based-Grading system is used, and "mini tests" are generally given on Tuesdays and retaken on following Tuesdays, allowing time for practice. Nader Mohyuddin's presentation intrigued me in an August inservice 2016. He has used it and experienced great success. Many CCA math teachers have decided it is worth the holds students accountable and gives them opportunities to show what they have learned! The following link inspired me to use Standards-Based-Grading. It helped me see the big picture behind the system.


Basically, the 6th grade has 35 standards to assess. I will assess each standard twice. A few problems will address a standard and will be scored on a rubric. The standard can be assessed AS MANY TIMES as needed, within the quarter. Students will soon learn that if they are attentive during class work and follow up with assignments, they will become proficient sooner. Each score replaces the previous score.

 ADVANCED   “4” correct answers, clear justification    [100]

PROFICIENT   “3” majority correct answers, some justification   [86]

BASIC   “2”   some correct answers, unclear justification   [66]

BELOW BASIC   “1” incorrect answers; steps don’t match the skill/concept [50]

NO ATTEMPT   “0”   no attempt was made to solve the problem [0]

This may be brand new for many of you, but we are already experiencing success. Visit PowerSchool weekly to keep up with assessment scores and averages.

Each day, after whole class and group work, students will start their independent work, which rolls into homework if not finished. A homework grade is taken for EFFORT. Basically, if they made full effort on all the problems, they get credit. Each student starts with a 100, and at the end of 2 weeks, I deduct points for each time they didn't have their work ready to check in class or had partial work. On PowerSchool, this shows as a homework grade and counts 10% of the final grade for the quarter. Students should make up any assignments they did not complete and can use an answer key I will provide during independent work time. Skipping assignments will create gaps in the learning. There has been a direct connection between not completing assignments and not passing standard tests. 

Please contact me if you have specific questions about SBG. Be patient with the program - your child will adapt to it and will bloom with it. Our test scores on TN Ready were very strong, preparing our students well for the next level in math.


6th Grade MATH syllabus:


I follow the order of the HCDE 6th grade math curriculum guide, but I slightly alter the pacing. I finish by the TN Ready testing, so students have been exposed to every skill and concept counted on the test. This truly paid off for 2017! You’ll notice the first quarter has been re-sequenced by the district math leaders. They believe it is a more logical order for a strong concept development.


QTR 1:


 Lessons 8, 11, 6, 7, 9, 10



 Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


QTR 2:


Lessons 12, 13, 14



 Lessons 15-21, in order


 QTR 3:


Lessons 22-25, in order


 Lessons 26-29, in order


 QTR 4:

 Complete book, review skills for TN Ready, expand connected projects involving math skills, and immerse in challenge work to prepare for 7th grade.


 A few basic rules to remember - give others time to think, listen carefully, respect others' work and explanations, do your best, and aim for precision and efficiency in math.

 YES to personal water bottles (label with your name; hydrate!), NO to gum (working on public speaking skills as you explain and defend your answer)


YES to stress ball/stone/fabric to roll or hold (only 1 hand needed), NO to fidget spinners (2 hands to spin - disrupts work)


Let's do some math and learn together ~~~


Carol W. Lockrow