Uniform Information
Additional Notes
DRESS CODE On special events such as assemblies, visiting guests, performances, etcetera, appropriately designated attire may be required. For example, males may wear a coat and tie, and females wear attire that is an upgrade from casual. Students must dress in a manner that does not constitute a disruption in the school, a safety hazard, or exhibit impropriety. At the Center for Creative Arts the following are not allowed: 1. Unreasonable exposure of the body. 2. Cutoffs, beach wear, running shorts, spandex bicycle shorts, nylon shorts, or mini skirts are “out of dress code”. Tights or leggings may be worn with shorts or skirts yet the length of these items should reach to the end of the fingertips. Shorts and skirts worn without tights or leggings should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee – front and back. Tights or leggings may be worn as pants if the shirt/top reaches to the end of the fingertips. 3. Visible cleavage, bare midriffs/stomachs, halter tops, backless or strapless dresses, muscle shirts, tank tops/camis (worn without coverage), are “out of dress code”. 4. Hair picks or rollers, hats or head coverings including hoods found on hoodies, shirts or other articles of clothing. This includes any type of knit hat. NO BANDANAS ANYTIME! 5. Unusual dress of a disruptive nature such as pajamas, bedroom slippers, ripped or torn clothing where undergarments are revealed and mesh or sheer material without proper undergarments. 6. Articles of clothing bearing a symbol, design or emblem that has racial overtones, having indecent or obscene words or slogans, representing affiliation with unlawful organizations, advertising the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol is not to be worn at any time. 7. Personal grooming in public is not allowed. 8. Shoes must be worn at all times – no house shoes or bedroom slippers 9. No blankets may be used as a coat. Dress code violations 1 st offense - office documentation and may need to borrow a shirt or pants from the office. 2 nd offense - parents contacted to bring a change of clothes. 3 rd offense -student will be sent home. Class time missed for any of the above will be unexcused.